Policies and operating procedures

Aimed at policies and procedures manuals and operating models for regulation and rules governing the conduct of operations and determine responsibilities and implementation mechanisms and timing as a reference for implementing various activities and a measure of efficiency and contribute to the standardization of the method and manner helps consistency in performance and scalability to the best and working as a buzz on the preparation and development of evidence – policies – action – business models in accordance with the Organization and working environment, for example. :
-Human resources policies and procedures.
-The policies and procedures for evaluating job performance
-The policies and procedures for the evaluation of training and competence
-Financial assessment procedures and policies
-Procurement procedures and policies and contracts
-The policies and procedures of the stores and warehouses.
-Operating and maintenance procedures and policies
-The policies and procedures of administrative services
-Investment policies and procedures.
-Information technology policies and procedures
-The policies and procedures of public relations