Human resources systems

• The characterization: is the form that is based on the selection and recruiting and training and develop job performance assessment centre and the Centre for buzz when developing job descriptions for each position to rigorous analysis with careful analysis of this function is based on the functions of this post and minimum qualifications, experiences and scientific and practical knowledge and skills necessary for the job based on the information that applies to the actual reality of human potential.
• Functional merit: merit is the functional group is knowledge, skills and behavioral qualities that an employee must fulfill their duties efficiently and effectively and buzz aims to set up a model for functional merit organization form which helps improve performance and raise organizational culture and promote the core values of the staff which helps the Organization to apply human resources operations start of recruitment and training and development and performance assessment.
• Plans for human needs
The human element is however applied technology will be key to achieving organizational goals both fewer workers or increased:-• Buzz Center for management consulting and training to the precise needs of human resources in each organizational unit according to the size of the actual work with local and international standards with a view to rationalizing human resources costs while maintaining the level of target performance and quality by each organization according to the nature of their work.
O classification and job evaluation: through the process of altsaniev and job evaluation job elements analysis can determine the relative importance of jobs and buzz Center for management consulting and training to determine the actual value of the job and its importance to the Organization as compared with all jobs, helping the Organization of Justice when determining the value of each job and thus determine the grading system which would reflect upon different functional levels and their association with salaries and allowances and other systems.
O identify training needs:  to bridge the gap between expected performance and actual performance are identifying training needs, and in this respect you Paz for management consulting and training based on documented data about actual functions and abilities and skills required, from the reality of the job description – the views of supervisors and managers immediate family – personnel records and data analysis scientific models minute identification of staff training needs and measure the impact of training on physical performance after training.
O the training plan: to raise the level of functional tasks down to the highest level of performance is the goal of successful organizations to invest in human resources to achieve their goals through the adoption and continuing training plans for all staff at various levels and buzz Center for management consulting and training on the preparation of training plans that achieve the expected goals of the training process and covers the training needs of the organization.